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Synthetic Organic Chemistry:

Most of the "medicines" we are given when we become ill are organic compounds. Although the analysis of human genes has progressed and the development of drugs from new perspectives is being promoted, most drugs are still created through chemical synthesis. To develop new medicines, it is necessary to synthesize many compounds, investigate their effects and toxicity, and select the best ones.

The chemical synthesis of such a group of compounds consists of effectively creating carbon-carbon bonds as the framework and introducing functional groups such as hydroxyl groups, ketones, carboxylic acids, and amines. Furthermore, the three-dimensional structure of a compound is essential for it to work in vivo as a "medicine. The primary goal of medicinal synthetic chemistry is to create only the desired compound, including its three-dimensional structure, in a simple and effective manner without producing hazardous waste.

Medicinal synthetic chemistry is a branch of organic chemistry in which organic chemical reactions play a central role. It is an exciting research field in which many problems to be solved arise one after another.

Let us open the door to a new world no one knows yet!

For Undergraduates:

The Lab. of Synthetic Organic Chemistry welcomes motivated students to do basic research.

Please refer to this homepage for an overview of our research activities to help you choose the proper laboratory. We also welcome questions and visits at any time.

To graduate school applicants from other universities: Graduate school applicants who wish to apply to our laboratory must undergo an interview beforehand. However, this will be done while keeping an eye on the corona situation. Please contact us by e-mail first.


From the No. 7 bus stop in front of the East Exit of JR Chiba Station

Take the bus bound for "Chiba University Hospital" or "Minami Yahagi."

Keisei Bus Timetable

Get off at "Chiba University School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences." (10-15 minutes).

Enter the Inohana Campus through the main gate by the bus stop.

Go to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building II in front of the bus stop.

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